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10 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Job

38941497_sValentine’s Day is this weekend, and even though it’s a Hallmark holiday to sell more chocolate and flowers, most people have love on the brain. As you can tell, I’m not super romantic when it’s dictated by the calendar. I’ve been blissfully and happily married for more than 23 years, and I’m a big believer in love every day of the year.

As kids we expressed our emotions with “Be Mine” heart-shaped candies, and had festive parties in the classrooms. As adults, there are now a million different dating sites with super-sophisticated algorithms to carefully calculate personality types and food preferences designed specifically to match you with “the love of your life”.

But what happens when there is no magic candy or mathematical equation to help you fall in love with your job? Yes, I said “job”. We spend more time at work than we do anywhere else, and it can be miserable when we’ve “lost that lovin’ feeling”.

Just like in a personal relationship, losing the love for your job can lead to disengagement, dissatisfaction, disconnection, depression, and overall despair. And there are no amounts of Adele songs and pints of ice cream that can cure that feeling. Before you think about breaking up with your job, consider the fact that there are plenty of ways to rekindle the flame.

Here are 10 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Job:


  1. Look for a Little Love

It’s unrealistic to think or expect everyone to love absolutely every aspect of their job, but it also doesn’t need to be an all or nothing situation. Identify the parts of your job that you really enjoy, that you’re really good at, and that energize you, and find ways to do those more often.


  1. Be Unfaithful

If your current job isn’t exciting you, then you need to find that passion and excitement elsewhere. Perhaps volunteering, taking a class, starting a hobby, taking some needed PTO, or an exotic vacation will have you swinging from the chandelier, and you get to bring that joy back to the office.


  1. Deepen a Relationship

It’s statistically true and anecdotally proven that we are more invested in what we’re doing when we care more about who we’re doing it with. Instead of just skimming the surface, take a deeper interest in your co-workers and strengthen those relationships.


  1. Break a Sweat

Medical evidence doesn’t lie, and there really are powerful endorphins released when we exercise. It’s a natural antidote to combat daily malaise and sluggishness, and gives you a boost of adrenaline, energy, and euphoria. Think of it as the happy hormone.


  1. Be Adventurous

Trying new things can be the spice of life, and the same holds true in the workplace. Seek out new opportunities, bust out of that comfort zone, and try something you’ve never done before. A new challenge is thrilling and can reignite your passion.


  1. Pop the Champagne

Regardless of whether or not you’re formally recognized for your contributions, value, and accomplishments, you need to celebrate on your own. Keep that bottle of bubbly on ice at all times, and remember to congratulate yourself on a job well done.


  1. Change Positions

If your current position isn’t floating your boat any longer, then look around and see if there’s an opportunity in another department, with another team, or under another manager. Sometimes a change of scenery or a change in responsibilities can bring back the love.


  1. Play Mind Games

Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude and mindset. Whether it’s through daily affirmations and mantras, meditation, or inspirational quotes, surrounding yourself with an abundance of positive energy helps to drown out the negative noise.


  1. Join the Group

Isolation leads to loneliness and lethargy. Get motivated by getting involved…join a club, a group, or activity at work. Step away from your desk and invite a co-worker to lunch. Accept an invitation to happy hour and start having some fun.


  1. Embrace a Mentor

Seeking the guidance and advice of a more seasoned or experienced professional can provide the much needed perspective to get back on track and fall back in love with your job.

Love is fickle and sometimes doesn’t last forever…both in personal relationships and in the relationship we have with our work. There is a honeymoon period in both scenarios where we naturally feel excited and elated, and we hope it never dies. But if you’re feeling like you want to break up with your job this Valentine’s Day, you may just need to give it another chance and try to rekindle the love.



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