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20 Job Search Tips in 20 Days

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was too much free content. They said it was too great a commitment…but I proved them all wrong.

I did it! I agreed to provide 20 Job Search Tips in 20 Days on Facebook Live at the same time each day including weekends and holidays. And the response has been overwhelming!

People are binge watching the videos, sharing the information with their network, and using the free content to make huge improvements in their job search. I want to keep the positive momentum going, and share the 20 tips with you too.

If you prefer the live version on Facebook, or you want to see the full version of all the tips, feel free to connect with me at Aimee Cohen or Woman UP!

In the meantime, here are the 20 Job Search Tips in 20 Days everyone is talking about…

  1. You are always in career transition. Be proactive, not passive. — You never know when an opportunity will present itself, and you need to be ready.
  2. Change your mind, and change your life. — Embrace the power of positivity, and master your mindset to boost your confidence during this process.
  3. Get crystal clear and go for your goals. — If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there, and know specifically your deal makers and breakers.
  4. Practice your pitch and toot your own horn. — Self-promotion isn’t easy, but it’s critical to the job search process. Know your elevator pitch and say it loud and proud.
  5. Tell a success story, not a job description. — Online, on paper, and in person, it’s not enough to describe what you do, but you need to highlight well you do it.
  6. Win your weakness answer, finally! — There is a specific formula that you can master so your weakness never becomes your interviewing weakness again.
  7. Customization is queen and SEO is serious. — Customizing your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile with key words and buzz words is critical to success. Not a one size fits all.
  8. Do your homework to help yourself. — Before you submit an application and before you interview, make sure to research the interviewers, the company, and the industry.
  9. Seek support, isolation kills a job search. — Don’t try to do this alone. Surround yourself with other job seekers, mentors, coaches, cheerleaders, and champions to support you.
  10. Sanitize social media. — Your online presence can catapult or kill your job search. Make sure to manage, monitor, and sanitize your online presence.
  11. Facebook is not a face-to-face. — You can’t find a job in your pajamas. You need to get dressed, get out, and leverage your network in person. Networking the #1 job search strategy.
  12. Don’t forget to follow up. — It’s a fact that 75-80% of people never ever follow up after networking, after submitting an application, and after an interview.
  13. Leverage LinkedIn and optimize your online presence. — You don’t exist, and you’re not a professional if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile. 89% recruiters find candidates on LinkedIn.
  14. Plan ahead to get ahead. — Spend time on Sunday strategically planning out your week…who you’ll meet, where you’ll be, what are your deadlines, how will you get it done, and the big why.
  15. Secrets to acing every job interview. — People hire people they like and they make the initial decision in the first 90 seconds. Never underestimate likability and a first impression.
  16. Success happens when you sweat the small stuff. — The devil is in the details, and job searches fail when you allow things to fall through the cracks. Celebrate the little wins and successes.
  17. The power behind your power suit. — Executive presence and image are critical to success. If you want to be an executive, you need to look, behave, and communicate like an executive.
  18. The hidden rules of working with recruiters. — Working with recruiters can be a successful job search strategy when you know the rules.
  19. The only response to a job offer. — Adrenaline is pumping and you’re so close to the finish line, but you want to take a breath and get the offer in writing so you can prepare to negotiate.
  20. Ask Aimee Anything. — Lots of interesting questions and answers from viewers.

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