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5 Steps to Get Your Goals Back on Track

Oh no! I need to come clean and let you know I have failed miserably! I am a sad statistic and you may be one too. In fact, 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail by January 15. We all begin the year with the best of intentions to lose weight, get a promotion, or find a significant other. But only 8% of people achieve success.

That was me! I started off strong, totally committed, and with the best of intentions, and by January 15 one of my goals was already a distant memory. Uuuuugggghhhh! But I know I’m not alone.

Instead of completely throwing in the towel and giving up on the goal, we still have time to get our goals in gear. It’s not too late! We just need to Woman UP!, refocus, recommit, and revisit the 5 Steps to Get Your Goals Back on Track.

1. Set Measurable Goals

A goal is simply an allusive idea until you give it some metrics. Instead of saying you want a raise, give it an actual dollar amount. How much? By when?

2. Write Goals Down

A goal should be seen and heard, not kept a secret. Statistics show that people who write down their goals have an 80% higher success rate of achieving them.

3. Establish Mini-Milestones

Rome wasn’t built in a day and goals aren’t achieved overnight. Figure out the baby steps you need in order to achieve the goal. Build positive momentum and energy with each little win.

4. Get an Accountability Buddy

Achieving a goal isn’t easy and sometimes it’s easier to give up. However, if you have a friend, spouse, coach, or mentor providing ongoing support, your chances of achieving the goal skyrocket.

5. Reward Yourself

A goal worth setting is a goal worth celebrating. Big or small, every goal should be celebrated with some kind of reward. If you get a new job, pop the champagne. If you increase your clientele by 20%, go out for dinner. Take a moment to appreciate your efforts.

Success of any kind is never easy, rarely happens according to plan, and will continuously challenge your convictions. It’s not how many times you stumble and struggle, it’s all about how many times you rise and strengthen your resilience. It’s time to rise, to get back on the horse, and to Woman UP!

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