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Boost Your Confidence with a Brag Book

As young girls, we’re taught that it’s not polite to brag. That lesson may have served us on the playground, but it does us an enormous disservice in the workplace and in a competitive job market. In fact, most women struggle with the “Disastrous Triple-D”…they downplay, dismiss, and diminish their accomplishments.

The bottom line is that we have a collective crisis of confidence!

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been an executive career coach, how many hundreds of professional women I’ve worked with, or how many thousands of women I have spoken to at conferences and events, there is one issue that consistently comes up in every coaching session, with every person, in every industry, and at every level…that’s confidence (or the lack thereof). And it just reared its ugly head again yesterday with a client.

You may be struggling too if you say things like, “It’s no big deal…just my job,” “I’m only a marketing manager,” “It wasn’t me, it was the whole team,” or “It’s nothing special, anyone would have done the same thing in that situation.”

Guess what! It’s a HUGE deal, and if you don’t think it’s anything special neither will anyone else.

In fact, this is such a hot and pervasive topic that I was interviewed and quoted in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. And, as an executive career coach, one of my easiest, and most effective, strategies to boost confident was highlighted in the article…a Brag Book. Check out the article.

A Brag Book is a success journal. It’s a way to capture, record, remember, share and celebrate all of your accomplishments, your achievements, your raving emails, your stellar performance reviews, and your successes. Do NOT try to rely on your memory…women are notorious for having success amnesia. We’re always onto the next and quickly forget what we just did.

Just so you know…this Wall Street Journal article is DEFINITELY going in MY Brag Book!

Here are my 7 Tips to Boost Your Confidence with a Brag Book…

  1. Update it daily or at least weekly
  2. Focus on and capture only positive information
  3. Include successes, accomplishments, raving emails, passing compliments, status updates on projects and tasks, expanded skills and responsibilities, new initiatives, and more
  4. Write down successes of every shape and size…no judgment
  5. Use is to boost your confidence, to update your resume, or to prepare for a performance review
  6. Encourage friends, co-workers, and Brag Buddies to highlight their accomplishments and hold each other accountable
  7. Read it regularly, celebrate often, and brag like never before!


It may seem uncomfortable or unnatural at first to be tooting your own horn, but with your new Brag Book in tow, you’ll be the leader of the whole band in no time…that’s how you Woman UP! I’ve made it even easier with a Woman UP! Brag Book that is still on sale until the end of March…hurry so you can start bragging today!

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