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Happy New Year!

champagne_toastCue the noise-makers, streamers, and fireworks…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In addition to it being the start of a new year, New Year’s day also happens to be my birthday – two major milestone days that often include reflection and planning for the upcoming year. I have always loved my birthday, and usually start celebrating the night before with champagne and Dick Clark (now Ryan Seacrest) leading the nation in a dramatic countdown as the ball drops in Times Square.

This year was no different, and my husband and I actually made it to midnight. However, this year was different in other ways. As I reflected back on 2014, I was overwhelmed with the greatest sense of gratitude, appreciation, and celebration.

Like most women, I have a tendency to downplay, diminish, and dismiss my accomplishments (the Disastrous Triple-D). I’m lightning-quick to say that what I do is “no big deal”, or “anyone could have done that.” But this year was different…I did something bigger and bolder than I have ever done before.

Some of you may be thinking it was writing Woman UP! and getting it published. Yes, that was huge and I am beyond proud to be a published author, but it was more than that. In 2014, I took the biggest risk of my professional life and it paid off in ways I could have never imagined.

I am always grateful for my family and the love I feel everyday from my husband and children. But, this year there was more love and support than I ever thought possible…and it was all because I took a risk, believed in myself, and told my story.

That is why I wanted to start the New Year and honor my birthday with this heartfelt expression of all my gratitude, appreciate, and celebration…and to say thank you to everyone who has helped me along this amazing journey.

I am grateful to everyone who encouraged me to be honest and open and reveal my failures, missteps, and guilty confessions. I am grateful to all the women who, in turn, have reached out to me to share their stories. I am grateful every time someone says, “That’s me in your book, how’d you know? Now I don’t feel alone. Thank you.” I am grateful for every ounce of support and encouragement I’ve received from old friends, new friends, and soon-to-be friends.

I appreciate every bit of honest feedback, constructive criticism, and insightful suggestions. I appreciate every referral, recommendation, introduction, and inspiring idea. I appreciate the outpouring of attendance at my keynote events. I appreciate all the new opportunities and new doors that have graciously been opened. I appreciate the new friendships and working relationships that have formed this year and look forward to creating many more.

I celebrate the wonderful and genuine people in my life. I celebrate all the success my clients have achieved. I celebrate all my success, my failures, and valuable life lessons. I celebrate the entire Woman UP! team and know it truly does take a village. I celebrate the fact that I didn’t allow fear to sabotage my efforts. And, I celebrate all the exciting adventures and opportunities that lay ahead in 2015.

This is the year to dream bigger, take more risks, believe in yourself, and reap all the wonderful benefits. I wish you all a new year filled with an abundance of success and happiness, and I encourage you to kick-start 2015 with a thoughtful focus on gratitude, appreciation, and celebration.

Happy New Year! May 2015 be everything you dreamed of…and more.

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