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Hot Job-Seeking Strategies For The Summer

Hot Job-Seeking Strategies For The Summer

Summer is almost here, and we can’t wait to sit on the beach, roast marshmallows, or travel to visit with friends and family.  Summer is traditionally a time to sleep late and be lazy…but not if you’re a job seeker.

If you take a full vacation from your job search in the summer, it could add months to your job search in the fall.  Not only do your interviewing skills get rusty, but your network starts to diminish and you lose touch with current hiring trends in your industry.

This is not the time to take a vacation.  This is the time to keep your job search moving forward and use summer to your advantage while your competition burns in the hot sun.  Here are 4 Tips for a Successful Summertime Job Search.

Find Balance

Summer’s fun activities will tempt you and complete deprivation is not an option.  You can have it all, but organization and prioritization is critical.  While you’re traveling, take your computer and dedicate time to researching companies and industry trends.  Stay committed to your job search activities and then you can reward yourself with a long bike ride or a concert in the park.

Remember that cleaning out the garage or landscaping your front yard does not take precedent over finding job opportunities and sending out resumes.  If you take care of your job search responsibilities first, there will be plenty of time to make home improvements.

Stay Connected and Expand Your Network

Networking is the most successful job search strategy with a 75-80% success rate.  The quality connections and conversations that you worked so hard to generate cannot be neglected in the summer.  Continue to attend professional association meetings, networking events, and volunteer activities.  Your phone calls and emails may not be returned as quickly, but it’s important to stay engaged and in front of decision-makers.

Summer is also the perfect time to make new connections and grow your network.  Whether you attend a graduation party, a family reunion, or a bar-b-que, the social activities that take place every summer are a great way to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.  It’s an ideal opportunity to promote yourself, build your network, and find the resources that can help you find a job.

Practice Your Pitch.

Whether it’s networking or interviewing, self-promotion skills need to be practiced on a regular basis.  Think of these messaging skills as a muscle that needs constant training to be successful.  After working on your Elevator Pitch and interviewing answers for so long, there is a tendency to take a break over the summer.  This could cause a major setback in your job search, because you lose your edge and get out of job search shape.

Just like an Olympic athlete who trains every day for an event that only happens every 4 years, there is no “off-season” for a committed job seeker.

Keep Learning

School may be out, but the learning and ongoing professional development never ends. Summer school is in session, and this is a perfect time to update your skills, sign up for a webinar, get a new certification, and make sure your knowledge and expertise is current and relevant. Keep those brain cells active and don’t allow your capabilities to go on vacation.

Summer is officially here, and it’s time to break out the sunscreen, plant a garden, and read a good book.  However, it’s not time to take a break from your job search.  You can enjoy a wonderful summer with family and friends while you continue to research companies, identify opportunities, grow your network, send out resumes, and interview for jobs.  This way, when children are headed back to school in September, you’ll be headed to work with a new, exciting job.

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