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Today is the day, and I’m about to burst with excitement! For many, it’s Valentine’s Day – a day traditionally celebrated with flowers and chocolate. But not today. Today is all about celebrating YOU…what you’ve done, and what you’re doing next. These are your brave, bold, and “drop the mic” moments.

Today is the day of SELF LOVE!

We are in the midst of incredible social awareness and change with MeToo, TimesUp, and the largest women’s marches in history. Women are feeling empowered, motivated and inspired to take action…including me.

For years people have asked me to create a line of WOMAN UP! products, and I’m thrilled to announce they are finally here! Tank tops, coffee mugs, brag books and pens are ready to order and designed to help you WOMAN UP! and give back. There is also a very special gift waiting for you at the bottom of this newsletter.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Empower Leadership Academy for Girls. I am the proud board vice-chair of this organization that is dedicated to helping young girls develop strong leadership skills to reach their full potential, and become the empowered leaders of tomorrow. 

But “today” is an exciting time in our history! Women are taking action everywhere, and I have been inundated with incredible stories of courage and innovation…WOMAN UP! stories of all shapes and sizes. This inspired me to ask the question, “How do YOU WOMAN UP!?”

Michelle started a women’s professional group within her organization for the first time. Christine decided to make a difference in the political arena and is running for political office for the first time. Sarah negotiated for a raise for the first time. Courtney applied for a board position for the first time.

Women are pulling on their “big-girl panties”, speaking up, standing out, taking action, doing things for the first time, and making a difference. That’s what this movement is all about. That’s how YOU WOMAN UP!

Yes, men can WOMAN UP! too, and there are plenty of men taking positive action. Brian ordered Brag Books for his entire team to encourage them to document and celebrate their accomplishments and will proudly display a WOMAN UP! coffee mug on his desk. Doug implemented a more formal mentoring program to support the women in his organization. David created a special women’s event for all of his clients. Michael identified two female emerging leaders in his office and is investing in their professional development by sending them to Women ON Point.

This is just a small sample of what people are doing today. The question now is, “How do YOU WOMAN UP!?”

Please send me your stories, share your brilliant ideas, celebrate your successes, support one another, and continue to WOMAN UP!

As a special Valentine’s Day gift to you, any WOMAN UP! products you order today and use the “SELFLOVE” code, you’ll receive 10% OFF your order!!

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