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Newsflash…You Are Always in Career Transition!

Did you just yell out or ask yourself…”What?! How can I always be in career transition?”

Let me explain. And, YES you are!

The old way was you graduated from college, started working for an organization, and then slowly climbed the corporate ladder for the next 50 years. You enjoyed a nice retirement party from that same organization, perhaps received a gold watch, and then that was the end of your career.

Those days are gone.

Here’s a snapshot of the new way and how different careers look today. According to several surveys, the new statistics are staggering…

  • People change jobs 7 times and have 3 careers in a lifetime.
  • One-third of the workforce changes jobs every 12 months, and the majority change jobs every 4.5 years.
  • By 42, you’ll have 10 different jobs.
  • 60-84% of workers want to change jobs today!

The new reality is that everyone is in a constant state of career transition. We don’t stay in the same place and at the same desk forever anymore. Whether you choose to make a move, your company gets sold and restructures, you get fired, your dream job lands in your lap, you decide to go back to work after your kids have grown up, or life circumstances change and you need to relocate…these are all real life events that can cause career transition.

Therefore, it’s no longer an issue of “if” career transition happens, but “when”.

All you need to ask yourself now is, “Am I ready?”

Just like a good little girl scout, you need to be prepared at all times and for all situations. Remember that you always want to operate from a position of power, and not one of panic. If your phone rings with the job offer of a lifetime, would you be prepared to optimize that opportunity?

Here are three things you need to be actively doing now that you understand the new reality…

  1. Always have a fully updated résumé ready to go. It needs to reflect your accomplishments, awards, and achievements…in a nutshell, it needs to read like an inspiring “success story” not a boring old job description.
  2. Keep your skills current and relevant. Don’t become rusty and outdated and obsolete. Take responsibility for your ongoing personal and professional development, and take a class, a webinar, a seminar, or get a certification or additional degree.
  3. Continue to network and increase your visibility internally, externally, and online. Invisibility equals dispensability, and your network is your net worth. It’s your social capital, and the most powerful currency you have. Keep your network active and engaged, and stay involved within your industry and community.

I know this is a mindset shift for many people, but it’s time to accept the fact that the workplace and careers today are fluid and constantly changing. People change jobs and careers a lot more often, people work in corporate America then become entrepreneurs and vice versa, and people move from one industry and profession to another every day.

You are always in career transition…be ready, be prepared, be proactive, and Woman UP!

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