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Welcome to my very first blog post!!

I have been writing career-related content and articles for years, and am in the process of finishing my first book, but this is my first plunge into the blog-sphere. The truth is, I have a self-diagnosed fear of technology, and thought blogging was beyond my limited abilities. Guess what, it’s not! (With some help from my husband…aka “IT Support”.)

I’m excited to deliver current and relevant information to women on a frequent basis – I’m shooting for three times a week – and to hear your feedback. Tell me what you like. Propose topics. Ask questions. Agree. Disagree. Just participate!

The posts will have a strong female focus and will cover a wide variety of topics including…

~ Self-Promotion
~ Professional Branding
~ Self-Sabotaging Behavior
~ Office Politics
~ Mentoring
~ Job Search Strategies
~ Interviewing
~ Salary Negotiation
~ Value Proposition
~ Work/Life Balance
~ Networking
~ Online Presence
~ Professional Visibility
~ and so much more!!!

My intention is that you’ll find the posts informative, useful, and entertaining and want to tell all your girlfriends to join the party. I’ll share my clients’ stories (anonymously, of course) as well as my own, offer coaching advice, and answer your questions. I want this experience to be interactive and engaging.

I hope you’ll join me on this blogging adventure as we dive right in!

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