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Free On-Demand MasterClass: 4 Secrets to Job Search Success 
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Legendary career coach, executive career coach and women’s leadership coach, Aimee Cohen, will get you ready for prime time in no time!

Ready to transform from a job seeker to a job finder?

Need to transition out of a dead-end job?

Looking for a career that offers you the rewards you deserve?

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Read more to learn more about the online 7-Step Job Search Success System™, personalized individual coaching, and other customized options to fit your needs.

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Aimee will guide you through her career success system, one-on-one. Her proven approach has a nearly 100% client success rate. Get hourly support or a multi-hour package to meet your career success needs.

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Subscribe to the 7-Step Job Search Success System™ today. Aimee converted 20+ years of career coaching expertise into a 20-module, audio-visual learning experience. Pace yourself or binge watch. It’s all yours.

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Purchase online modules individually or in combination. Add personalized coaching or a multi-hour coaching package. Aimee creates the individualized support you need to take your career to the next level.

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Aimee has been honored to work with hundreds of clients over her 20+ years in the career coaching industry. Women and men, experienced professionals and new graduates – nearly 100% have found success with her career coaching system.

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