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Your search for a leadership development speaker is over! In the world of women leadership development speakers, women motivational speakers and female keynote speakers, Aimee Cohen stands above. Why not bring in the best to your workplace or event?

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Leaders aren’t born, they are made! Whether it’s an hour, half-day or full-day of training, Aimee brings the most current and relevant topics to help leaders and emerging leaders take their skills, their teams and their organizations to the next level.


Aimee delivers dynamic and high-impact keynote presentations to audiences across the country. A powerhouse female keynote speaker and leadership speaker, she leaves nothing on the table!


As heard on the Game Changer Network! A fun and intimate girl chat on the radio where Aimee discussed the 7 Deadly Sins, her own guilty confessions and some successful solutions.

Aimee delivers dynamic and high-impact keynote presentations
to audiences across the country.

Woman UP! Overcome the 7 Deadly Sins that Sabotage Your Success

Today’s professional woman battles social norms, corporate barriers, male-dominated industries, and mass media stereotypes…but her own self-sabotaging behaviors may present the greatest obstacles. Discover the 7 Deadly Sins that sabotage your success, and learn practical strategies to defeat them. You will hear real-life examples, success strategies and solutions, and plenty of guilty confessions. Time to pull on your big-girl panties, take control of your career, and inspire other women to Woman UP!

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead: Be Your Own Best Career Manager

Getting a job is one thing, getting ahead in your career is another. Everyone receives training and education about how to be successful in a particular position. However, no one receives any training or education about how to successfully manage their own career. There are a lot of unexpected twists and turns, mistakes, missteps, and a lengthy learning curve when it comes to grabbing the wheel and driving your own career success. From increasing your visibility to squashing self-sabotaging behavior, learn the top tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies to make sure you’re always in the driver’s seat.

Build Your Brand and SKYROCKET Your Self-Promotion

As little girls, we were taught that it’s not polite to brag. Well, that lesson may have served us well in the sandbox, but it doesn’t serve is in a competitive job market and workplace. It’s time to learn how to step up and stand out, because invisibility equals dispensability! Master the strategies and techniques that will empower you to build a brand, promote yourself, increase your visibility, and boost your confidence. Not only will you be tooting your own horn in no time, but you’ll be the leader of the whole band!

Elevate Your Executive Presence and Be the Boss

If you want to be an executive, then you need to act like one and be perceived as one. Perception is reality. Executive presence is a combination of behavior, communication style, and image…and it needs to convey confidence at all times. When it comes to advancing your career, executive presence accounts for 30% of what it takes to secure a promotion. There are many things you can’t control, but you can learn how to elevate your executive presence, catapult your confidence, and be the boss you were born to be!

Enhance your Emotional Intelligence: Leverage the Secret Weapon

Doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, an employee, a job seeker, at an entry level position or the CEO…regardless of profession or industry, the key to success is emotional intelligence. There are four components of emotional intelligence; self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, and social awareness. Your ability to identify your own triggers, manage and control your emotions, empathize and understand others, and accurately read a room will determine whether you struggle or succeed in your career. Enhance your emotional intelligence and take your career and leadership skills to the next level.

Top Tips to Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level

There is a growing movement and commitment from organizations to have more women represented in board rooms, in the C-suite, in executive positions, and in leadership roles. However, great leaders aren’t born, they are made…they are trained, educated, developed, and empowered to lead. Learn the top tips and key strategies to take your leadership skills to the next level; enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, polishing your executive presence, and recognizing the power of people and relationships.

It’s all Workable: Resolving Conflicts with Confidence

Whether it’s a simple misunderstanding or world war three, conflicts have the power to derail, disrupt, and destroy careers. Instead of avoiding an uncomfortable situation or allowing a minor miscommunication to erupt into a major conflict, learn the skills and strategies that will help you resolve conflicts with confidence. Conflicts are a part of life and part of the workplace too. Discover the five different conflict styles, their pros and cons, and how to leverage each style to successfully navigate critical conversations and conflicts with confidence.

Playing Office Politics Like a Pro

More careers have been ruined by poor politics than by poor performance. Office politics isn’t about becoming a ruthless shark, and throwing your co-workers under the bus. It’s about taking control of your career in a positive and proactive way. Not playing is not an option, and if you’re not in the game, someone else will play it for you. Learn the rules of the game, identify the key players, and navigate office politics like a pro.

Ready, Set, Succeed: Goal-Setting Roadmap for Top Teams

People leave bad managers, not bad companies. Motivating individuals to succeed, leading a team to achieve a common goal, and inspiring others to exceed their own expectations are critical components of an effective leader. If you want to increase retention, reduce turnover, and develop a cohesive team, and well-oiled machine, then it’s time to learn how to set your team up for success. Understand how to communicate a clear vision and expectations, deliver feedback, motivate and encourage others, and Master the 5 Steps of Goal-Setting Success.

Movin’ On and Movin’ Up…Top Tips for a Successful Job Search

Change is hard, and a career transition can be downright terrifying and overwhelming. The job search process is specifically designed to challenge you, to shake your confidence, to test your inner strength, and to rock your world. This is also one of those major life transitions that no one ever teaches you how to do or prepares you for…you’re just supposed to magically know all the secrets. Learn the top tips, tricks, tools, strategies, and solutions to successfully navigate the job search process once and for all! From a rock star résumé to accepting the job offer, and every step in between, separate yourself from your competition and get a new job, a better job, or your dream job!

Closing the Deal…Win-Win Interviewing and Negotiating

The résumé doesn’t get you the job, it gets you the interview…the interview gets you the job. This critical face-to-face part of the job search process will make or break your career. Learn the 5 Steps to a Successful Interview, the 7 Interviewing Formats, how to build instant rapport, close on the job, and negotiate a higher base salary and bigger compensation package. Plan ahead and arm yourself with all the answers you need to ace every interview every time. Boost your confidence and never be at a loss for words again…be prepared and create your career by design, not by default.

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I’ve delivered major keynotes to large audiences and shared intimate talks with small groups. Whether your objective is inspiration or education, let me captivate your audience with my unique blend of humor, insight, and practical content.

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