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3 Book Club Benefits That Will Make You More Successful

Everyone has a “happy place,” and mine is speaking to a room full of amazing women!

Not only did I have the wonderful fortune of keynoting the Global Women’s Leadership Network event for the Mountain West Credit Union Association this week, but it was also their annual book club. Guess what book they read? That’s right…Woman UP!

I am an avid reader, and was part of a book club for many, many years. In addition to getting swept away by beautiful prose or being inspired by a compelling memoir, this week I was reminded of all the added book club benefits and how they can boost your success.

  1. Power of Perspectives

    Reading a book by yourself can be enlightening, discussing a book with others can be transformational. It’s the exchange of ideas and insights that catapults the book to another level. It’s not a secret why so many organizations are highly motivated to expand their diversity and inclusion initiatives…different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and voices are critical to success.


  1. Book Club Community

    Reading, by definition, is a solitary sport…and that can only take you so far. A book club turns a solitary sport into a team sport…and that can take you to the next level. No one achieves any level of success alone. It takes a community, collaboration, teamwork, partnerships, resources, mentors, sponsors, experts, friends, family, and more. Build your community, and you’ll build success.


  1. Stay a Student

    Just because you graduated from school, doesn’t mean you stop learning. Book clubs are a wonderful way to keep learning and expanding your mind. The same is true when it comes to your own personal and professional growth and development. It’s a super-competitive workforce today and it’s changing at the speed of light. If you’re not staying current and relevant, informing yourself about market trends, and updating your skills set, then you will quickly become obsolete.


If you’re already part of a book club, fantastic! If not, don’t worry…you, too, can benefit from these book club benefits. Remember, if you seek different perspectives, build a community, and commit to staying a lifelong learner, then you will skyrocket your success and Woman UP!

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