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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Italy, and I’m convinced that Florence is the new hot spot for Spring Break. It was packed with happy tourists enjoying the warmer weather and historic sites. Back in Colorado, the…

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3 Ways to Re-Engage at Work After Thanksgiving

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving…a sacred time to gather together with family and friends and give thanks. It’s also a time to battle for the last can of cranberry sauce at the grocery store, consume thousands of calories, brave the midnight…

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The 5 “F’s” of the Midterm Election

It’s been a week since our historic midterm election (and it’s still not over), but this is not about politics. This is about all the positive things we have learned as a result of recent events. We can all agree…

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3 Ways to Deal with Disappointment

I’m not going to lie…as a University of Michigan alum and raving Go Blue fan, I’m devastated by the loss on Monday night. The last time Michigan won the National Championship was in 1989, and I devoutly have them wining…

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Roses And Thorns

Roses and Thorns of 2017

Everyone has played “roses and thorns” or “highs and lows” (as it’s known in our family) at some point – either at the dinner table, after a vacation, or in the midst of a life transition. The rules are easy.…

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Make Your Work/Life Balance Work for You

What a banner week! My business partners, Pam Borton and Sara Lebens, and I led our fifth Women ON Point: Next Level Leadership Summit in Chicago. We hosted women from around the country and as far away as Brazil. They…

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The Valuable Lesson We Learned From Harvard

The Valuable Lesson We Learned from Harvard

By now you have probably heard the news, and if you haven’t, consider this an important newsflash and cautionary tale we need to take very seriously. This is graduation season, and high school seniors have received their offer letters to…

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Job Seekers

Rollercoasters are for Kids NOT for Job Seekers

Amusement park rides offer summertime thrills, but one ride that most job seekers want to avoid is the rollercoaster.  Chugging inexorably up the incline, diving head first into the descent, waving hands wildly in the air, and experiencing the thrill…

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Job Search Tips

Top 3 Job Search Tips for Fresh Grads

Congratulations! Tis the season to sport a cap and gown, shift the tassel from right to left, listen to inspiring commencement speeches, receive special gifts, and plan your future. And our family is no exception. Actually, our situation is a…

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