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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Italy, and I’m convinced that Florence is the new hot spot for Spring Break. It was packed with happy tourists enjoying the warmer weather and historic sites.

Back in Colorado, the weather is crazy (Bomb Cyclone), March Madness is in full swing, and the days are getting longer…sure signs that springtime is officially here. Winter is the time to hunker down and hibernate, while spring is all about rebirth and renewal. It’s the time when people not only clean out their homes, but should also clean out their careers.

We all go through our closets and make decisions about what fits and what doesn’t fit. The same approach and decision-making should be applied to our careers. We don’t keep old clothes that don’t fit or are outdated, so why should we keep old processes, ideas, or relationships that no longer “fit” our careers?

Let’s dust off our careers, plant some new ideas, and grow our goals for the spring season.

Here are 4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career…

  1. Plant New Ideas — Nothing says springtime like a clean, fresh start. And when it comes to your career or business, nothing says springtime like innovative, new ideas. If your accounting system is sluggish and prone to mistakes, try a new program. If your sales have become stagnant, try a new marketing or advertising campaign. Or, if your current position has run its course, try a position with a new company.
  2. Grow Your Goals — It’s not that we don’t have goals; it’s that our goals are usually not big enough. Instead of playing it safe or erring on the side of conservative, inject rocket fuel into your goals and push yourself. Sometimes you are fortunate to have a boss, spouse, or mentor who encourages you to do more, and to set the bar even higher, but sometimes it has to come from within. Springtime is the time for growth, and that includes your goals.
  3. Weed Out — Not all opportunities are created equal, and we can’t be in all places at all times. Learning how to be more discerning and when and how to say “no” is key to career success. Weed out what’s not aligned with your personal and professional goals. Say “no” to those extra invitations and activities if they derail your agenda and occupy too much of your valuable time and resources.
  4. Sow Seeds — It’s common knowledge that your network is your “net-worth”, and that maintaining an active network is much easier than building one when it’s needed. Relationships are critical to starting and advancing a successful career. You never know who you will meet and who could potentially help you get to the next level. With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s much easier to connect with new friends and reconnect with old friends. Sowing new seeds and developing new relationships is a great way to kick off the spring season.

Spring cleaning for your career can bring fresh, exciting opportunities. Shake off the winter and plant some new ideas, grow your goals, and renew a career that will flourish with the success and rewards you deserve.

Put a spring in your step and Woman UP!

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