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Make Your Work/Life Balance Work for You

What a banner week! My business partners, Pam Borton and Sara Lebens, and I led our fifth Women ON Point: Next Level Leadership Summit in Chicago. We hosted women from around the country and as far away as Brazil.

They traveled from far and wide to invest two and a half days in their own leadership growth and development. They came from every industry, and from leading organizations including Best Buy, Discover, Hyatt, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and more. And, they represented top leadership positions including CEOs, VPs, and Senior Directors to name a few.

In addition to their professional roles, many of these women were also wives, mothers, and still nursing babies at home.

So what did all of these women have in common?

Every single woman was living a complicated life, juggling multiple responsibilities, managing competing priorities, and resisting the temptation to say “no” and to put everyone else in her life first. In a nut shell, it’s that elusive work-life balance every woman is striving to achieve.

In fact, this issue is so pervasive and plagues so many women; I was recently interviewed by the Chicago Tribune to talk about the 5 Things High-Powered Women Need to Know About Work/Life Balance.

Whether I’m delivering a keynote presentation, working with a client, or facilitating Women ON Point, the issue of work/life balance enters the conversation each and every time. I hope you find this information helpful as you work on your own work/life balance, and ultimately Woman UP!

Read 5 things high-powered women need to know about work-life balance
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