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3 Things You MUST Do Before Leaving a Job!

I met a friend for lunch and couldn't help notice that she was beaming with joy. She had extra pep in her step and I had to ask... "You look amazing, what's going on?" With a huge smile, she happily announced, "I…

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BONUS Reason Why You’re Stuck!

The BONUS reason why you may be stuck is actually the BIGGEST reason for many of us . . . perfection. It's the excuse that we're waiting for the perfect timing, the perfect set of circumstances, the perfect idea to strike…

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9 Reasons Why You’re Stuck – Part 3

For our last installment of the "9 Reasons Why You're Stuck" series, I want to talk about the difference between being "mini-stuck" and "major-stuck". Mini-stuck was me yesterday. I had every intention of posting this blog, but got completely derailed…

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9 Reasons Why You’re Stuck – Part 2

Since we've been talking about being stuck, I need to offer up my own guilty confession.  I have been stuck lately and haven't been producing the blog posts as frequently as I had before...for that, I apologize. My reason is…

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