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4 Ways “Graduation” Can Boost Your Career

4 Ways “Graduation” Can Boost Your Career

From kindergarten to college, graduation season is in full swing. It’s an exciting milestone that marks the transition from one chapter of life to another.

But did you know that graduation is not just for kids?

As adults, we are constantly transitioning from one phase to another…single to married to parenthood, etc.  As an executive career coach, my clients are constantly transitioning from one job or one organization to another.

Just like a teenager may be anxious about entering high school or heading off to college, so are adults when it comes to moving onto other professional opportunities. Change is hard. However, changing jobs or careers can be a lot easier if you think of it as a graduation.

4 Ways “Graduating” Can Boost Your Career Success

Master Your Graduation Mindset

When it’s time to move on in your career, there is nothing that will move you faster or more successfully than a positive attitude. Just like college across the country, fear of the unknown can be overwhelming, but you need to shift your mindset. Be grateful for everything you accomplished and learned in that position while you generate excitement about what the future holds. The sky is the limit and there is an amazing adventure right around the corner with the power of positivity!

Tackle Your Transcript

Just like students graduate with a transcript of class descriptions, grades and GPAs, you need to leave with a record of everything you achieved while working for that organization. What are your metrics and measurable successes? Capture that information while it’s still fresh in your brain and readily accessible, because unfortunately, amnesia will set in as soon as you graduate and walk out the door.

Update Your Yearbook

Signing yearbooks is a tradition and a great way to remember your classmates. The same is true in business. Before you graduate, make sure you’re connected with your colleagues on LinkedIn so you can easily stay connected after everyone has gone their separate ways. Building and maintaining a broad network is critical to career success.

Continue Your Studies

You may be done with school, but you should never be done learning. To advance your career, you need to keep your skills current and relevant and commit to a lifetime of continuous improvement. Pursue additional certifications, accreditations, webinars, and leadership training that will set you up for success. Think of graduating as a confirmation that you mastered one level and are now ready to catapult to the next level in your career.

Graduation is not just about tassels and walking across a stage – it’s about celebrating what you have accomplished and moving onto something bigger and better. Time to graduate and Woman UP!

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