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Holiday Job Hunting is a Gift – Part 2

After last week’s “Part 1”, I heard from so many of you who are in the same position and thinking the same thing. “I’m just going to put everything on hold and re-start my job search after the New Year.”

Believe me, I know looking for a new job, or a better job, at this time of year is the absolute last thing you want to be doing…but, in many cases, it can turn into the best gift you ever give yourself.

Here are 5 more reasons why December is the time to recharge your job search and kick it into high gear.  

1. Get Connected.

Holiday cards are a great way to keep in touch with quality connections, reconnect with recruiters, and stay on the radar of important decision-makers.  Make sure to add new names to your holiday list as well as keeping the old.

2. Be Prepared.  

Use the downtime wisely to research companies and industries, update your stale resume, send invitations to connect on LinkedIn, and position yourself perfectly for the busiest hiring month of January.  Doing a little to further your job search during the holidays is always better than doing nothing.

3. New Opportunities.

Employees take time off during the holidays which creates additional opportunities for part-time, contract, or temporary assignments that get your foot in the door and showcase your strengths.  Say yes to a new opportunity and you might be pleasantly surprised.

4. Greater Giving. 

In the spirit of giving, there are countless opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to help others during a difficult time.  In turn, volunteering helps job seekers gain perspective about others in need, feel useful and productive, network, make new connections.

5. Stay Engaged.  

Keeping the job search going strong during the holiday season also keeps the momentum going and demonstrates your tenacity, determination, and commitment to finding a new job.  You will be light years ahead of other job seekers as they feebly attempt to re-energize their job search in January.

It’s hard to imagine adding one more thing to your holiday plate, but there is still plenty of room for a job search.  Even if you only send out a few resumes, or only add a couple of new connections on LinkedIn, the goal is to not abandon your job search completely.  Celebrate not only the holiday season, but also the small successes you’re making towards your job search. Give yourself the best gift of the season…a new job. The holiday season is the season to Woman UP!

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