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Improve Your Job Search

How the Super Bowl Can Dramatically Improve Your Job Search

Ok, not the most riveting game this year. But, whether you’re a Patriot’s fan, a Ram’s fan, or a fair-weather fan there just for the chicken wings, I think we can all agree that the Super Bowl is a must for many people.

What’s also a must for many people right now is a serious job search.

Here’s how the Super Bowl is going to dramatically improve your job search…


Even though football players make millions of dollars, they still play for the love of the game. They play with such intense passion, they’re willing to bash, bruise, and break their bodies to do so. You need to know your “Big Why” and have that same intense passion for what you do and for what you’re trying to achieve.


Football players don’t just wake up on Super Bowl Sunday and run out on the field. They spend endless hours preparing for the big game. The same is true for job seekers. To set yourself up for success you need to prepare just as hard. Master your messaging, transform your resume into a success story, and polish your online presence and LinkedIn profile. The work you put in on the front end will pay off enormously on game day.


Just like football teams carefully construct specific plays, job seekers need to plan out their own game plan. “Winging it” is not a successful strategy in football, and it definitely doesn’t produce a successful job search. Plan your strategies, organize your time, select your target companies, join professional associations, and register for targeted networking events.


Hours and hours of practice go into a single football game. It’s that successful routine and continuous repetition that gets results. Those players can run those routes in their sleep, and that’s exactly what practice can do for you. Practice your Elevator Pitch and your interviewing answers over and over and over again until you can literally do it in your sleep.

Half-Time Break

Not only is half-time a great time to get more chicken wings and watch Maroon 5, but it’s also a time for the teams to regroup, and to analyze what’s working and what needs tweaking. The same is true for job seekers. If you’re not achieving the results you want, then it’s time for your own half-time. Review your progress, make some adjustments, and come out in the second half ready and raring to go!


Even though Tom Brady gets all the attention, he doesn’t do it alone. In fact, no one achieves any level of success alone, and that includes job seekers. Surround yourself with your own teammates that consist of mentors, sponsors, promotional buddies, champions, cheerleaders, allies, and advocates.


The biggest difference between amateurs and professionals is coaching. These are professional football teams and they all have a fleet of coaches. Coaching provides specific expertise, guidance, structure, and constructive feedback that make all the difference and separates that team from the competition. The same holds true for job seekers wanting to stand out in a crowded and competitive job market.


Winners never give up…they believe in themselves, pull on their big-girl panties, dig deep, and persevere. The job search process is designed to challenge you, to test your limits, and to cause you to question your convictions. There are going to be tough times, and the job seeker that possesses the greatest amount of persistence wins.


We’ve all seen the elaborate touchdown dances, well-choreographed celebrations, and elaborate parades. Celebrations are fun and well-deserved, but it’s also about recognizing the little wins and victories along the way. Job seekers need to build that positive momentum that will carry you through the entire game, into overtime, and eventually into the end zone.

Sports fan or not, there are so many lessons job seekers can learn from this year’s Super Bowl. Looking for a new job, a better job, or your dream job is not a game, but these valuable principles can definitely help you win and Woman UP!


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